What is Soft Token ?


Soft Token is application which is be recommend for customer of Internet Banking KEB Hana. Soft token will be generated 6 digit number with random that be used customer to do transaction verification

Installation guide MyToken :

  • 1. Download myToken with this link : Android
  • 2. After installation process done, customer will be asked do registration on MyToken.
    • a. Input user id Internet Banking
    • b. Input password Internet Banking
    • c. Input debit card number
    • d. Input PIN debit card
    • e. If all data is done, please click button confirm

  • myToken

  • 3. After that, customer will be asked to input new password which will be used every login
    • a. Input new PIN
    • b. Repeat input new PIN
    • c. If PIN already input, click button confirm to continue registration process

  • myToken

  • 4. Registration process is completed. Customer can using MyToken

  • myToken


Anti-phishing image must first register in order to proceed with a transaction variant